Tuesday, January 7, 2014

D is for Dolphin + Happy New Year!

D is for Dolphin
Watercolor on paper

Sorry for my long absence. I hope you had a great holiday season dear friends,
and Happy New Year! :o)

Another animal for French version of my ABC poster.
There are 7 more left: G, J,Q,U,W and X
This guy is now available in my Etsy shop.
Soon I'll add French option for all these alphabet prints.
Stay tuned!

Sketches. See you soon with letter G!


  1. Perfect as usual! ~.~
    I hope you have a big 2014 with a lot of art! I love your arts! Kiss and hugs!

  2. Happy New Year to you too... :) Awwww!!! This one is super beautiful... and that baby fish are so cute.. <3

  3. Wondeful work like all yours!
    Thank you, I wish you an Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year dear Afi! Your dolphin posture is so funny! Like she is waiting for her friend and she is daydreaming at the same time :D:X sooo cute!

  5. Hello!
    I've been following you for quite a while. The first time I saw your work I immediately fell in love with it, especially your sketch book pages. You're really gifted.
    I'm french and if you need anything concerning french words or expressions, please, don't hesitate to ask me.
    Thanks again for the poetry you bring me.

    1. Dear Poppy,

      Thanks a lot for this sweet comment :o) You are so kind! I actually wanted to know what is the best way to write "D is for Dolphin" or "D like Dolphin" in French. I saw most French alphabet posters say: "D comme Dauphin". Thanks a lot again for your help :o) xoxo

    2. Yes, you will say "D comme dauphin". The pleasure to help is all mine! :-))

    3. Wonderful! Many thanks for your help! Hugs!!! :o) xo

  6. Many thanks my dear friends :o) xoxo