Friday, January 31, 2014

Q is for Quetzal . Another animal for French ABC poster

As you guessed this bird is Quetzal!
Watercolor on paper
Now I am working on letter "W".
This birdie print is available in both English and French versions in my Etsy shop.
I am adding French option to all my animal prints, slowly but steadily ;)


  1. Your work is brilliant! The birdie is a real beauty!:)

  2. Lovely! It's bound to be one fantastic alphabet!

  3. it looks so cute!!! :D I love birds!

  4. I love it, the colors are so beautiful !
    I already own your ABC poster in english, but I will need the french one, too ! ( I'm French) :-)

  5. So beautiful, and cute at the same time! What I love in this painting is her fluffy head! And the texture of the branch he is sitting on. It shows the humid weather of it's homeland!

  6. Your comments always make my day! Thanks a lot for being so sweet! Big hugs!! xoxo


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